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Mersiv releases Legion of Boom

Mersiv recruits an army of Colorado bass purveyors on collaborative EP, ‘Legion of Boom’

Photo courtesy of Mersiv.

Wakaan Records is having the best May ever. Following Champagne Drip and G-REX’s “Cold Case” single, and sfam’s all-original Forefront EP the week prior, the Liquid Stranger-headed imprint is never at a loss for bonafide left-field releases. In keeping with the one-release-a-week theme, Mersiv now returns with his latest project via Wakaan, recruiting several Colorado acts for his newest collaborative EP, Legion Of Boom.

Each song on the four-track behemoth features a collaboration from Wriza, Killa Nova, Opalyte, and Chill Bobby, and offers a wide variety of thunderous sounds the burgeoning Wakaan family have come to crave and expect from Mersiv’s “Pretty Dark Loud” style of bass music.

“The Prologue” kicks off Legion of Boom and features the unrelenting sound design and wicked basslines of Sub.mission alumni Wriza. Alongside Mersiv, the two create a hard-hitting, ominous introduction. “Go Down” builds on the bouncy, old-school dubstep hype of previous hits like “Get Crazy,” and recruits the talents of Houston-raised producer Killa Nova.

Mersiv and Opalyte then take a synth and melody-laden approach on “Ultimate Dragon,” which combines Opalyte’s astral dubstep style with grungy basslines. The EP wraps up with former “Beautiful & Filthy” collaborator Chill Bobby, who peppers swag-filled bars over a high-powered warp into skin-numbing bass.

Legion of Boom serves as a sampler to the diversity of Mersiv’s style and adds to the acclaim of his MorFlo Records collective in Colorado.

Mersiv & Friends – Legion of Boom EP

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