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LSDREAM unveils title track to forthcoming third studio album, ‘PEACE LOVE & WUBZ’ ft. CoJaxx

In many ways Wakaan‘s brightest shining star, LSDREAM has become known for his consciously tunes that make him an instant CE favorite. Now the United Talent/Red Light artist (also known by his given name of Sam Damient) returns with an exhilarating new release, “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ,” featuring CoJaxx. Following “High Vibrations” and “Follow The Vibe” with Taylr Renee, the newest single lands as the title track to Damient’s incoming third studio album by the same name.

As the first collaboration between LSDREAM and CoJaxx, who has also become a Wakaan favorite with features alongside Liquid Stranger, LUZCID, Jaenga, and more, “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” is sure to “cleanse your spirit” with bass. “The connection we made at Wakaan Festival was so real and our energy never stopped,” says CoJaxx on meeting and working with LSDREAM, continuing in a press statement,

“You’d think we had been together for years, but we both make each other better and that’s how [the track] came to exist. I respect his musical genius and even that is an understatement on his knowledge of music and positive energy.”

– CoJaxx

The track displays a weaving together of spacey synth tones and vibrating wubs with thumping hip-hop influenced beat, leading listeners to “get lost in the sauce” on a voyage through the record’s perfectly crafted, bass-heavy soundscape. The lyrics within “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” are brought to life through CoJaxx’s masterful vocals, bringing home the uplifting messages LSDREAM continues to deliver in his music.

Time and again, LSDREAM’s musical output delivers messages bent on reaching higher vibrational frequencies through emanating love and light. In lieu of this mission, it’s no wonder Damient has been named our inaugural Conscious Creator as well as one of our Top 25 Spiritual EDM Producers since launching his LSDREAM project back in 2018.



As the artist formerly known as Brillz, LSDREAM is a sonic journey to the other side of the bass world. The project, headed by Sam Damient, combines rave culture with the future sounds of bass music. Releasing his 2018 debut album VOYAGER via Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan, the former Twonk-master of trap quickly catapulted himself into popularity as the left-field bass movement was moving out of obscurity to began making it’s ascension as the new “big room” genre at dance music festivals across the United States.

As one of Wakaan’s very first signed artists, LSDREAM has quickly become a main player on the weird and wonderful imprint.

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