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Listen to Tipper’s immaculate 6-track journey into the psyche, ‘Insolito’ EP

When Dave Tipper enters the arena, the dance music world naturally pays attention. The iconic veteran producer and glitch-hop pioneer has just release a brand new six-track EP that refused to go overlooked or unheard. Titled Insolito, the crisply concocted array of records marks Tipper’s first musical output since 2019’s Jettison Mind Hatch and his first EP deliverance since 2017’s Lattice.

Tipper has a special knack for turning his live and listening audience into a puddle with his hypnotizing arrangements, his spine-tingling progressions, and journey-like composing style. Insolito is no different as the Brit-born artist has fans eating out of the palm of his hand. From the liquid textures and intricate rhythms of “Air Biscuits” to open up the project, to the mesmerizing dreamlike atmospheres of “Uptrick,” to the glitchier IDM-stylings of “Mariscos” and the high-tempo drum-n-bass offering “SinBanshee” to close the journey out, Insolito will likely go down as the year’s best EP.

Tipper is a British born composer and producer specializing in electronic music that ranges from Ambient, through Trip Hop, to uptempo Nu-skool Breakbeat. As a teenager, he founded Fuel Records with Ritchie Warren, label manager, in 1997. He eventually established Tippermusic in 2005 and has released exclusively on his very own independently-operated imprint since.

Stream Tipper’s Insolito below, out now via Tippermusic.

Tipper – Insolito EP

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