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Manic Focus - Future Flux EP [WAKAAN]

Manic Focus struts his five-track ‘Future Flux’ EP on Wakaan

Featured photo courtesy of Manic Focus/Instagram.

Over the last ten years of his storied career, John “JmaC” McCarten has released six full-length albums, with each one signaling a new evolution in sound and approach. The Denver-based producer known amongst his fans as Manic Focus continually pushes himself to new musical limits by incorporating original, sample-free recordings, which is especially apparent in the material from his last full-length album, Lost in a Digital World, released in September of 2019. Since then, he’s released 15 singles, including collaborations with BreakScience, Mersiv, ProbCause, and Marvel Years

So it must’ve been high time for JmaC to push towards a larger cohesive project. That all comes to fruition now as Manic Focus releases his five-track Future Flux EP, out now on Wakaan. Consisting of bouncy undertones and forward-thinking sounds, Manic Focus arrives from the future to lock in a bonafide Wakaan favorite by the label to date. “In recent years, I have performed with many Wakaan artists,” says JmaC in a press release, “and their styles have inspired me to dive deeper into sound design and arrangement to create exciting synths and textures that I haven’t previously included in my compositions.”

The EP’s lead single, “Back From The Future,” was released earlier this year, leaving fans with immense anticipation for what was to come on the full EP. From the heavy-hitting sound waves of “Back From The Future” to gorgeous arps and huge atmosphere on “Let It Go,” JmaC brings years of precision and expertise to his solo originals on the project. Future Flux also welcomes AHEE and K+Lab as collaborators, adding a splash of beautiful madness to the assorted body of work.

Speaking to the EP’s technical and thematic motifs, Manic Focus offers up some great advice that we all ought to heed as we go through life:

Future Flux is my journey through the heavier side of my mind, and my optimism for mankind’s ability to change and grow in a positive way through difficult times.  I think it’s important to head into the future with optimism, armed with knowledge, balance, and the ability to let go and rage through the moments that hinder our growth as individuals.”

– Manic Focus

Stream Manic Focus’ Future Flux EP below.

Manic Focus – Future Flux EP [WAK215]

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