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Tune into REZZ’s virtual listening party for ‘Beyond The Senses’ debut

The time has finally come for REZZ to release her much-anticipated six-track EP, Beyond The Senses. Since announcing the project earlier this year, the Canadian producer has unleashed three singles — “Dark Age,” “Falling,” and “Kiss of Death.”

The EP is set for wide release at midnight tonight, July 24, but REZZ is giving her cult fanbase a brand new kind of opportunity to experience the full EP before it lands. Thanks to the wonders of technology, specifically Wave XR, a live listening party will be taking place in the VR world, during which REZZ will transform into a live avatar-version of her on-stage persona as she hosts a virtual world premiere of the EP.

“It actually felt fun. It was a lot less stressful,” REZZ told Billboard on performing in VR. “I was still a little bit nervous, but I was nowhere near as nervous as I am when I go onstage at concerts. It was kind of fun to just play to the wall. It felt natural. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, even though I was the only one in the room that was vibing out and dancing, while everyone behind me was just watching the show.

Fans can tune into Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch for the world VR premiere of Beyond The Senses. Live listening parties will also take place at select locations in Los Angeles, Denver, New York City, Toronto, and London.

Tune into REZZ’s ‘Beyond The Senses’ virtual reality listening party [Stream]Unnamed 1