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Excision speaks on unfinished Bassnectar collaborations, impending Wooli EP

In the burgeoning US pocket of the bass music world, two electronic producers reign supreme above the rest — Excision and Bassnectar. Their fan bases, much like their stylistic approaches to all things low end, couldn’t be more polarized. Perhaps that’s why the producers haven’t collaborated in over six years since their track “Put It Down,” released on the Destroid 6 compilation. Before that, the two worked together in 2011 on a dark VIP of Excision and Noiz’s “Force.”

As it turns out, there have been a few unreleased collaborative tracks in the pipelines for the larger-than-life dubstep producers, as revealed today in a fan AMA between Excision and his official Headbangers fan group on Facebook.

“Haha, we talk more often than you guys probably think,” Excision said to a fan who asked if he would ever collaborate with Bassnectar again. “We’ve started a few collabs but we didn’t want to release them as when we do release our next collab we want it to be Grade AAA maximum quality goodness.”

According to Excision, the two have never stopped collaborating, but the fruits of their labor may not see the light of day. The news serves as another mere titillating reminder to the hardcore fans, who’ve long known the pair have had several unfinished productions under their belt. Both have been massively busy cultivating their own brands over the years, with Bassnectar focused on his seasonally curated events like DejaVooom, and Excision on his Bass Canyon and Lost Lands festival offshoots, respectively.

There has been no lack of stunning new material coming from either end of the bass producers’ camps. Excision just released a star-studded APEX Remixes LP to follow up last year’s release of the album. He’s also been teasing his second studio collaboration with Illenium over the past weeks, which he says will hopefully be ready for debut at Lost Lands. Meanwhile, Bassnectar is coming off the release of his Dreamtempo mixtape and Reflective Pt. 4 EP, which will see a fifth and final deliverance sometime later this year. In the realm of other high-profile collaborations, fans have also been longing for a long lost Bassnectar and Zeds Dead track that may never see the light of day beyond live sets.

In the Facebook AMA, Excision also confirmed that his highly-anticipated Wooli collaboration has shaped up to fill out a full EP. Be on the lookout for a full, easy-to-read rendering of the AMA coming soon from the Excision camp.

H/T: EDM.com