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Alison Wonderland unleashes powerful Temple of Wonderland show at Red Rocks [Tour Review]

Alison Wonderland is a rare musical gem that continues to impress her fanbase through her unique and elaborate performances as a cellist, DJ, electronic producer, emotive lyricist, and alluring vocalist. A long time creative with years of passionate dedication and staying true to herself has proven to land her a flourishing career that has only really just begun. Her live performances reflect a purely vivid imagination which can furthered be felt across her storytelling visuals that expand on experimental growth through perseverance.

With her impactful Awake LP, still charting internationally, and her latest two singles, “Peace” and a collaborative heater, “TIME,” with QUIX, hitting record highs, Wonderland’s recent catalogue summons a futuristic blend of thought-provoking frequencies brought to life through intuitive energies. She’s the prime example of an evolving artist who isn’t afraid to take risks, and because of that inquisitive drive, Wonderland draws on depth and originality from her most vulnerable inner core. It’s passionate, honest, and signals connection to a larger profound divinity.

Her latest offering in Colorado at world renowned venues, Red Rocks and The Gothic Theatre, brought forth a heightened sense of awareness as she unleashed powerful performances. Her debut of “Temple of Wonderland” at Red Rocks was the biggest show of her career. The show saw the premier of her orchestral live band composed of all female instrumentalists, jaw-dropping visuals that pulled on avant-garde cinematography, and roaring applause from her thousands of true, forever believers.


Situated in Morrison, Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a natural geological haven immersed in lush hills and picturesque mountainous landscapes. Formed into a world-class venue in the thirties, the outdoor playground has been home to some of the hottest musical acts to make an imprint on earth. Along with Alison Wonderland’s first-ever official headlining showcase here, three more bass selects, Ekali, Medasin, and Wuki, shared their sounds with the crowd. All three made for very eclectic performances, forming an inspiring first impression from the get-go.


Ekali is pure joy. An impressive mixologist and diverse producer, his set was profound and filled with captivating synergy from start to finish. The multi-talented producers inspired all around good feels as his fresh originals satiated the crowd with his futuristic bass touch. Ekali’s collaborative nature, which fuels and expands his creative process, is so readily apparent in his sets that it’s impossible not to enjoy.


Wuki displayed ghetto funk and house pulsations for his peers to loosen up to. Blended with classic electronic hits, newly released remixes, and fresh originality, his more upbeat set made for a scintillating extravaganza.


Medasin brought the ambient and melodic lush that defines this prodigy’s fine production. His DJ set was fused with more hip-hop ready tracks that made for a danceable journey, swagger uplifts, and effective resonance. Speaking to his audience in witty and grateful ways, his energy hit the feels in all the right spots. A pure beatsmith, the Dallas-based producer is already primed for massive success.


Alison Wonderland spoke to her fans with emotive and reassuring messages throughout the evening. Her way of mixing DJing with live performance is impressive as she glides through the stage as though she’s floating through a kaleidoscopic wonderland. Revealing true depth and vulnerability throughout her performance, which was also seen through her never-before-seen visuals, was a means of opening herself up towards healing and understanding.

Performing with her band was awe-inspiring. It was empowering to witness a newly formed, all-woman musical group of strings and percussion. The orchestral ensemble brought forth a classical flow through electronica. Heart felt surprises arose as she brought QUIX on stage with her to perform “TIME,” making for the New Zealander’s his first time out in Colorado. The crowd went wild as lasers beamed into the crowd, and as hugs synced the two, smiles flew across Red Rocks.

Alison Wonderland’s live vocals and dexterous cello prowess enhanced the vibe as she performed “Awake” for her last song. She gave a massive shoutout to her entire team at the end of her debut of “Temple of Wonderland” which further showed immense gratitude for the team that has helped her throughout her artistic pursuit.


Alison Wonderland’s late night after party at The Gothic Theatre, which featured a cast of her close friends, was also a blast. For her surprise guest, she brought QUIX on board to play for a packed house who opened their arms ups to receive the upbeat pulsations. High-energetic resonance made for an enjoyable ride as the crowd danced the night away through a new-found experience.

Wonderland played a broad-ranging after party set as her emotions fueled the late night evening. Fusing in her dance moves with confident swagger, this DJ’s transitions are technically savvy and a perfect example of honing this skill that defines hard work for over a decade. Having fun on stage with her manager, Garth, made for bubbly moments. A good teammate is one that can fully enjoy deep presence, so great to see that Wonderland is in good company throughout her exhausting year of extensive world touring.

It takes time to build credibility and respect, and Alison Wonderland has done it gradually since first blasting onto the scene in 2014. Having just played at the legendary Red Rocks, which marked a turning point in her career, one could visibly see how this moment is going to positively influence her future sonic creations. With a steady fire rising within her soul, this powerhouse and inspiring creator is what we need in today’s competitive musical hub. A cultural shift occurs through music, and we’re continuing to see the influence that art has amongst our generation and future ones.

From having influenced hundreds of thousands of committed fans, to selling out a great majority of all of her shows, and headlining top festivals around the world, Alison Wonderland is on the path to world domination by simply living out her dream.

Photo Credits: Randy Mills / @randymillsmedia. 

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