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G JONES shares acid remix of 2012 staple track, ‘Drift’

Based on his overloaded year of touring, G JONES has proven that he has the ferocity and stamina of a jungle cat. The Bay Area producer has officially wrapped his Ineffable Truth tour and will cap the year at Contact and Decadence Arizona. Despite the frenzy of endless touring, G JONES still made time to work on new music while out on the road. He announced his incoming Tangential Zones EP in timely fashion, releasing the project’s first single only recently with “Dark Artifact.”

Now G JONES has given fans a nice treat to tide them over in the form of a new Acid Mix of his 2012 staple track, “Drift.” Powered by a steady stream of effervescent synths that lead up to a fully-loaded bass-riddled climax, the song has all the makings of an interstellar adventure into the deep void of space. G JONES blasts listeners high above the cosmos with the modular bass lines of the Roland TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer.

A masterclass act bent on complex, futuristic, bass-propelled sound design, G JONES continues to prove himself time and again. No word on whether the revived track will arrive on his forthcoming EP, but the track’s artwork does don the same aesthetic as his most recent single.