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Jade Cicada’s mom blogs about her Tipsgiving experience at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre

Here at Conscious Electronic, we’ve been fans of Jade Cicada since day one. The 28-year-old rising bass music star has come so far in a mere matter of two years that it would appear the “sky” is the limit.

Born Skylar Golden in Welshire, New York, Jade Cicada has managed to skyrocket himself into the limelight with experimental EP releases like Byte EvadersFish Juice, and most recently, Little Creatures. In 2019 alone, Jade Cicada played for massive audiences at Camp Bisco, Bonnaroo, Imagine, and Resonance, to name a few. Along the way, he’s been able to garner intense word-of-mouth to work alongside acclaimed psychedelic visual artists like Steven Hamen.

But before all that, Dave Tipper was the man who gave Jade Cicada his first big break when the godfather of glitch invited the then-newcomer to perform at a Tipper & Friends full moon gathering in April 2016. Other than Tipper himself, Jade Cicada was the artist who was on everyone’s lips from the three-day experience at the legendary Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. After that moment, all the pieces fell right into place for Skylar Golden.

What happened after Sky’s set felt like he became an overnight sensation. He went from being an obscure producer to being exposed to a large audience; and, they loved his music.” – Deborah Golden Alecson, Jade Cicada’s mother.

Jade Cicada’s mother, Deborah Golden Alecson, has released a telling memoir on her son from the time of his childhood: including how Skyler Golden was classically trained in the clarinet, how he lost his father to pancreatic cancer at the ripe age of 10, when he moved to Denver to pursue music as a full-time career, and so many more intimate details.

I knew he would have a career in music as did his father, my late husband, Lowell. Lowell was a choral director, music educator, and actor in musical theater.” – Deborah Golden Alecson

The memoir comes in the form of a blog entry in her local newspaper, wherein Alecson details her personal travels to Tipsgiving Weekend at The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. The blog entry tells a different side of Jade Cicada the artist, or the version of himself that fans see from the crowd. It is a first-person account of Tipsgiving through the eyes of his mother as she talks about Sky, her son.

Read the full blog entry in two parts via The Birkshire Edge.

Part I Part 2

Photo credit: Sebastian Jovys.