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G JONES - Tangential Zones

G JONES unveils his highly-anticipated ‘TANGENTIAL ZONES’ EP

Something big has been in the works for G JONES as of late. Although that statement holds less weight when one considers that every move Greg Jones makes is larger than life. After his debut studio album release, The Ineffable Truth, last October, and a grueling yearlong supporting tour, the Bay Area producer crafted his Tangential Zones EP as the epilogue to his strong first full-length. After shelling out two of the EP’s tracks since then, with “Dark Artifact” and a new Acid Mix of his 2012 staple track, “Drift,” respectively,  G JONES is now poised for the project’s wide release today.

Tangential Zones is the epilogue to The Ineffable Truth,” G JONES stated in a press release. “After playing early demos of these songs on The Ineffable Truth Live tour, I am delighted to officially release this body of work.”

The full five-track short player, out now on G JONES’ Illusory Records, actually saw its early release exclusively on The Fader. Tangential Zones is equal parts irreverent bass music and sentimental reflection, coexisting in a masterful balance that showcases G Jones at his best.

With three brand new tracks additions, G JONES is building on his sleek and heavy underground bass aesthetic with supremacy and style. The project itself is everything at once: Futuristic and yet nostalgic; clean and elegant, yet weighty; decisive and yet full of uncertainty; dark and industrial, yet graceful and riddled with fun twists and turns. The only certainty one leaves with is this: Tangential Zones will have listeners wishing the journey keeps sounding off into infinity.

By the journey’s inevitable end, one leaves with more questions than answers. Specifically, how does one elucidate G JONES’ style? This is one musical auteur whose style goes beyond all semblance of genre and form – bass music or otherwise. Indeed, what G JONES has managed to muster up is another masterpiece of sound all his own. Along the way, he’s proven he’s no longer just the wonderboy of the bass music underground. He’s matured into a respected artist who has a complex catalog to stand on.

G JONES is wrapping his Ineffable Truth tour with six more dates through next year, with notable stops at Snowta, NYC’s Webster Hall, and Okeechobee 2020. Tickets are available through G JONES’ official website.