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Tycho releases ‘Outer Sunset’ from forthcoming ‘Simulcast’ EP

Tycho had already graciously released “Stress” off his forthcoming release. Now he’s just delivered “Outer Sunset,” making it the second song to be released off the 8-track project thus far. Tycho also previously announced a massive, 44-date world tour, Simulcast, which kicked off earlier this week. The tour runs through mid June, and will be hitting tons of cities across America and Europe.

“Outer Sunset” is a very serene, tranquil track that brings about feelings of bliss and euphoria. That’s something Tycho has always been incredibly good at. The combination of drum snares, chirping guitar, and beautiful synths along with the melodic bass line make for a musical masterpiece. Be sure to check it out below! The full Simulcast EP is set to release at the end of the month.

Photo credit: Facebook/@Tycho.