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Is Porter Robinson making a cheeky Virtual Self innuendo? ‘Nurture’ artist calls up a full band of ‘Ghost Voices’ in newest music video

With a much-anticipated sophomore project looming on the horizon, Porter Robinson has recently picked back up with the Nurture releases. Namely, in the fourth album single, “Look at the Sky,” which continues along the visionary’s forward march towards a post-Worlds era of Porter Robinson music. While he may be moving on, there are still plenty of Worlds reminiscent elements, both thematic and sonic, that abound in the world of Nurture (at least from what the public has been able to see thus far). Now that Robinson has released his official music video for “Look at the Sky,” it seems his Virtual Self alias has come into focus too, as Porter recruits a musical band of “Ghost Voices” to accompany him on set.

“I wanted to represent the things we all contribute to this world, and how they last even after we’re gone. When I make music in a room by myself, I’m not truly working alone—someone else invented the piano, the computer, the software, even the ideas of melody, chord, harmony, and scale. We’re always collaborating with a limitless number of people we don’t know, most of whom aren’t around anymore. We’re all contributing something to the world with our every action, for better or for worse. When we’re gone, let’s hope that the things we leave behind will be useful and beautiful.”

Porter Robinson

Directed by Chris Muir, choreographed by Matty Peacock, and collaborating again with Nurture artistic director Samuel Burgess-Johnson, the video brings the Nurture world back onto the screen, with plenty of natural elements against a clean, white backdrop. With the band of ghosts on stage, the video pieces together a message that no one is ever truly alone. It’s a narrative staple that has been running clearly across many of the deeply personal themes in Robinson’s three prior releases— ”Get Your Wish,” “Something Comforting,” and “Mirror,” respectively. 

Who knows, maybe fans will even be given an “Angel Voices” cameo appearance in a future music video too. Watch the official “Look at the Sky” music video below and pre-order Nurture now.

Porter Robinson’s second studio album is set to release April 23.

Porter Robinson – Look at the Sky (Official Music Video)

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