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Subsidia’s wonky ‘Dusk Vol. 3’ compilation rounds out the next full trilogy from Excision’s daring imprint

Hard to believe that six months have passed since Subsidia Records was formally announced and now Excision‘s daring new enterprise is now closing in on its eighth full label compilation. Following Night Vol. 3, released at the top of last month, the newest piece of the Subsidia storyline comes together via Dusk Vol. 3. The newest 17-track adventure features hair-raising left-field cuts from a number of familiar faces, including Ray VolpePax ImperaCarbinBlvck Sheep, Brunchbeatz, and many other promising up-and-comers in the bass scene.

Taken with the first two compilations of the Dusk series, Volume 1 and Volume 2, respectively, a full visual picture has now been painted into the trippier, more experimental sounds one loves to hear during the sunset at a music festival. Says Excision of the concept behind the Dusk arm of Subsidia Records,

Dusk is the time of day when golden hour hits, and then the sky turns all different colors at sunset. It also looks very different each day—no two sunsets are the same. So bass that is more experimental, trippy or left-field seemed appropriate for Dusk.”

– Excision

Some standouts on the third Dusk LP include UHNK and Matheny‘s “Main B*tch,” Ruvlo‘s “Wook Machine,” and DirtySnatcha‘s “Spaceship,” but be sure to listen to the album in its entirety to get the full picture of the city of Subsidia as it continues coming together. Despite festivals taking a backseat in the quarantine society, the past two Dusk installments have given bass fanatics something to talk about while daydreaming about their return to the magical grounds of Lost Lands. Now Dusk Vol. 3 continues that vision.

Take a listen below, and be on the lookout for Dawn Vol. 3, out next month on Subsidia.

Subsidia Records – Dusk: Vol. 3

Dusk. Vol. 3  Tracklist

  1. Ruvlo – Wook Machine
  2. Blurrd Vzn x BrunchBeatz – Brunch Vzn
  3. Ray Volpe – Nosebleed
  4. Pax Impera – Loud
  5. Tape B – Violent
  6. Blvk Sheep x Felmax – Dual Blade
  7. MIRR.IMG – Live Your Life
  8. Cyrus Gold – Change Ur Mind
  9. Dino Shadix – Hydra
  10. Runnit x Rollie Dezel – Ballin Again
  11. DirtySnatcha – Spaceship
  12. Xinister – Falcon 9
  13. UHNK x Matheny – Main B*tch
  14. CHACKK x VONDOO – Take It On
  15. Carbin – Sour Diesel
  16. Evalution x Hallucinate – Flow
  17. ZIZI x Mikesh!ft x Vezzel – Refraction

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