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Five must-see underground bass artists to catch at Ubbi Dubbi 2021

Photo credit: RUKES/Ubbi Dubbi 2019.

After a tough year in lockdown, many large-scale festivals are beginning to open at limited capacity to test the “new normal” for live events. As Disco Donnie‘s premier springtime event in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Ubbi Dubbi Festival is leading the pack as the very first. With new safety measures in place, including a Vaccination quick-entry, airport-style health checks via the Clear smartphone application, and dedicated sanitation teams on grounds, Ubbi Dubbi will be setting to tone as to how and whether large events will be able to return safely in 2021.

The two-day camping event, taking place this weekend, April 24-25, will be held at a brand new location inside the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas. With an eye-popping line-up that includes headliners in Kaskade, Illenium, Adventure Club, Liquid Stranger, Seth Troxler, and Green Velvet, choosing a conflict-free schedule at this one is nearly impossible for any EDM fanatic at Ubbi Dubbi 2021.

At Conscious Electronic, we live for underground bass music more than anything else. That’s why we’ve narrowed down our Top Five must-see acts that every bass aficionado would do well to catch over the coming weekend. Check them out below. Also, be sure to check all artist set times at Ubbi Dubbi Festival and make your 2021 schedule now.


Catch EAZYBAKED on Ubbi’s Stage, Saturday, April 24, at 2:30 pm.

EAZYBAKED is the two-pronged act of Eric Ray and Andrew Principe. Best friends for 15 years, Ray and Principe got their first drum pad in 2002. From then, it was non-stop collaboration; but the two were still separate creative entities, EAZY and Mr. Baked. “Eventually, we got Propellerhead Reason 5, our first DAW, and that’s really where EAZYBAKED began,” says the two artists.

“It was on a random day a year later in 2014, a good friend of ours suggested we become one entity since we were always producing together. So from that day forth, we combined EAZY and Mr. Baked, and that was the day EAZYBAKED was born.”


Since 2015, the Floridian duo have steadily climbed up the ladder of the underground bass elite and this year looks to be their biggest yet. While paying respects to all music genres, EAZYBAKED strives to take music in a fresh direction. Their rich basslines, fourth-dimensional sounds, eclectic arrangements, and out-of-the-box beat work seek to immerse listeners in an unmatched audio experience.


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4) NIK P

Catch NIK P on Dubbi’s Stage, Sunday, April 25, at 2:00 pm.

Dallas hometown hero NIK P is the experimental genius of Nik Purohit has been busy releasing on Electric Hawk’s In Unity compilation, Bassrush’s The Prophecy Vol. 2, and plenty more over the past year. Armed with a love of half-time tempos, dark, foreboding overtones, and paralyzing bass lines, his neuro-tinged sound calls up an experimental approach somewhere in the bpm-territory of 90 and 110. 

Dabbling in everything from DnB and neuro to experimental dubstep, NIK P has been steadily rising through the ranks over the past few years. CE even featured to hot and heavy newcomer on our Rising Bass Spotlight series last year. With support from major names in halftime DnB and neuro-funk, including Chee, Hudson Lee, and Frequent, keep an eye on where this promising young talent goes in the future.

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Catch INZO at 4:00 pm during the Wakaan stage takeover on Dubbi’s Stage, Sunday, April 25.

Mike Inzano, known around his Chicago stomping grounds as INZO, is one artist whose been on CE‘s radar since early 2019. Classically trained on the piano since age four, the now 27-year-old rising producer has had a busy past few years opening for the likes of Adventure ClubLiquid StrangerWhethan, Kaivon, and more. He also landed a spot at the inaugural Wakaan Music Festival in 2019 and joined LSDREAM and Shlump on their Universal Wub tour, alongside a whole cast of rising underground bass stars.

Most recently, INZO even enlisted CloZee for remix duties on his popular track, “Overthinker.” The two friends and collaborators are featured on CloZee’s specially curated event taking place this summer in Wyoming: Odyzey Music presents VOYAGE!

Drawing on the future sounds of Porter RobinsonFlume, and GRiZ, and armed with a love of Alan Watts voiceover recordings, swirling synths, atmospheric breaks, euphoric releases, and funky bass lines to boot, INZO takes an organic and spiritual approach to his sound design. It’s such a unique experience that underground bass fans just won’t want to miss at Ubbi Dubbi 2021.

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Catch TVBOO on Dubbi’s Stage, Sunday, April 25, at 5:00 pm.

Emerging from Jackson, Mississippi—with a personality larger than an eighteen-wheeler—comes TVBOO, pronounced “taboo.” Mitch Draper, known as TVBOO, is quickly becoming one of the rising stars in the bass scene. His ability to weave distorted sounds through incredibly unique basslines, accompanied by infamous vocal samples, are just a few of the elements that make TVBOO, TVBOO. His shows are curated with high-energy sets that are guaranteed to have the crowd moving on their feet from start to finish.

His growing success is undeniable, as seen from his co-headlining tour with DMVU, the “Eat My Sass” Tour. Accompanied by the success of his releases “Wook Worm,” “Skrawberries,” “Got Dat” and “Eat My Sass,” along with his collaboration resume with some of the biggest artists in the bass scene, TVBOO will continue to make Category 5 hurricane surge sized waves in the bass music world.

If you only follow TVBOO for his growing discography, you are depriving yourself of understanding the complete TVBOO experience. Like a shot of the strongest espresso you can find, Mitch’s podcast, TVLKS with TVBOO, is a straight punch of hilarity, chaos, mild takes, and entertaining guests— all strung together with his outspoken southern personality. Season One of the podcast featured high-caliber guests such as Kai Wachi, Dirt Monkey, Boogie T, and more. Listen to TVBOO’s most recent sit-down with Disco Donnie himself on Apple Podcasts, in leui of his upcoming Ubbi Dubbi appearance.

A staple name in the bass sector of electronic music, TVBOO gives fans a taste of nostalgia and dubstep with his self-released single, “Goku,” which is out today, April 20. Fans can expect to see that during his set on the Wakaan stage takeover this weekend.

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1) Mersiv

Catch Mersiv at 7:00 pm during the Wakaan stage takeover on Dubbi’s Stage, Sunday, April 25.

As one of Wakaan‘s most sizzling newcomers into the recording family, Anderson Gallegos continues to bring the heat. We’re of course referring to Mersiv here. Over the past year alone, Mersiv released a plethora of bass gems under Liquid Stranger’s banner— nine tracks to the date, to be exact.

Bringing the most creative left-field beats into Wakaan’s weird and wonderful world of wonky bass, Mersiv continues to prove he’s become a mainstay on the label. So much so that Gallegos has recently been included in the Wakaan stage takeover at Imagine Music Festival. Also, check him out on CloZee’s recently announced Neon Jungle tour in select cities.

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