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Common Creation impresses with genre-blurring single, ‘Lunar Lounge’

Common Creation (real name: Chris Teel) is somewhat of a genius when its comes to crafting his unique style of psychedelic soul bass. So much so that we’ve taken notice, naming him as one of our Rising Bass Spotlight artists, along with GRiZ and Gramatik. Between his Manufactured Moments EP, out via Gramatik’s Lowtemp, his self-released Gold Soul Galaxy EP, and his ore recent Irresponsible EP with Matthey, Teel has definitely developed and honed his sound.

Now Common Creation comes forward with his first original release of 2021, titled “Lunar Lounge,” following a daring remix of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.” Clocking in at just over five minutes, “Lunar Lounge” offers up a funkadelic journey into Earth’s outer orbit. Just like its title suggests, Teels lands his listeners on the dark side of the moon for a chill, vibey track that is perfectly suited for relaxation or blasting off the evening. With the use of emotive strings, a blend of inky grinding synths and twinkling ones, an atmosphere of spacey elements, Common Creation once again impresses and delights with the single’s pure, unbridled energy.

Along with playing synths and guitar, Teel lays down a heavy blend of glitch-hop, funk, dubstep, trap, and more, Common Creation’s resulting live performance is an eclectic mix of original music and hand-selected electronic gems, blended into well-known hip-hop tracks, old-school psychedelic soul, and mind-blowing experimental bass.

Common Creation is also set to open the first night of GRiZ‘s inaugural Space Camp, December 17-18, at Hampton Coliseum. Listen to “Lunar Lounge” below.

Common Creation – Lunar Lounge

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