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GRiZ harkens back to dubstep’s golden age on flawless new production, ‘Tie-Dye Sky’

With a slew of specially curated events on the books for 2021, legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist GRiZ now returns to the release wire with “Tie-Dye Sky.” The fun three-minute track is reminiscent of dubstep’s golden age, honoring its roots while using GRiZ’s innovative production to push boundaries.

“Tie-Dye Sky” continues what has already been an explosive year for GRiZ, as the Denver-based act remains one of the most celebrated artists in his space. Speaking to the track, Grant says,

“To me this track is like staring up at the sky and watching it explode into a kaleidoscope of colors.”


“Tie-Dye Sky” follows a series of huge releases from GRiZ, including “Astro Funk,” “Bring Me Back” with Elohim, “Ease Your Mind” with Ganja White Night, and “Vibe Check.” Each track has been a journey in its own right, carrying unique sonic qualities with positive energy at their core.

“Tie-Dye Sky” is no different, bending sound into mind-numbing frequencies and taking listeners on a thrilling ride through Grant’s creatively diverse mind. The track showcases GRiZ’s 2021 mission to release the music he loves and play it for diehard fans in his favorite places. 

The hype about what’s next for GRiZ builds with each release in addition to a series of massive multi-night show announcements. Two of the shows, Another World and Space Camp, sold out within hours of on-sale. GRiZ most recently announced his GRiZMAS In July double-header slated for July 30-31 at the Riverfront Park Amphitheater in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

GRiZ – Tie-Dye Sky

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