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Slave - Emancipation mix

Mean Mug mainstay Luminyst unleashes biting ‘Emancipation’ mix with 3+ years of original, remastered music

Ever since Luminyst (formerly SLAVE) first landed on our radar over two years ago, the underground bass producer known as David Timko has gone onto great heights. In 2021 alone, Timko has released his cut-throat debut album, Transformation, along with an impressive remix version of the LP, which enlisted bass music greats like AHEE, Bromosapien, and many more. Now SLAVE is back again with a new body of work called “Emancipation.”

The Emancipation mix is composed of over three years worth of original music from SLAVE, including collaborations with friends like Ravenscoon, Feelmonger, Viskus, and Contra Scandal, plus a couple of remixes sprinkled in and cuts of unreleased tracks which will appear on his sophomore album coming later this year. As a result, this mixtape is composed of roughly 38 tracks mashed over 78 minutes: “Nearly every song has been re-cut, edited, or remastered in some way to create a coherent symphony out of a wide spectrum of emotions,” says SLAVE.

“Emancipation, my second fully produced mixtape, tells the story of our current moment in time as a human race—the incredible challenges we face together, the unimaginable stakes, and the changes we must undergo to break free from our current limitations, survive, and move forward into our next chapter of evolution… it paints the most complete picture of my vision for this project to date. This is my most proud work of art and I truly hope its sound and message resonates with all of you!”


For listeners wishing to reflect on the current sound, skill level, and vision for the SLAVE project, you won’t want to miss this hour-and-a-half-long sound journey. Chances are, bassheads of all tastes will even be playing this on on repeat.

SLAVE – Emancipation mix

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