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Bassnectar to postpone Freestyle, BassCenter & 808 still on the books

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens around the globe, with the US leading the world substantially in new cases, it’s looking more and more like summer is cancelled. Already, summer events like Electric Forest have announced that their June weekend is out of the question, although they are looking into more dates. Today, April 17, Lorin Ashton (aka Bassnectar) took to his socials to announce his fourth annual Freestyle Sessions will also not be able to go on during its June 5-7 weekend.

We are looking to postpone Freestyle Sessions to October,” tweeted Ashton.

Ashton goes on to reassure fans they will receive “full refunds 30 days of cancellation” for any 2020 events that do end up on the chopping block over Coronavirus. Also he says full refunds will be available for any event that gets cancelled within 30 days of the cancellation. Currently, Bassnectar’s 8/08 Day camping event and Bass Center XIII in Atlantic City are still scheduled to happen as planned.

The Bassnectar team has gone above and beyond, from working endlessly on getting fans full refunds on Deja Voom’s cancellation and then finding another way to give back from the leftover Deja Voom merchandise. 100 percent of net proceeds from sold merch is being donated to both #GetUsPPE and Chefs for America. The fundraisers are not only helping those of the front lines right now, but also supporting members of Bassnectar’s touring crew while they are currently out of work.

The team has also just launched its newest project, The Giving Cycle Grants. The $100 incremental grants are intended to support those who have been most active in the Bassnectar community — namely, Bassnectar’s Ambassadors, who are giving back to their communities during the pandemic.

Lorin has also unveiled some exciting information about a forthcoming “Lockdown Mixtape” that he’s been working on in the studio. Ashton is currently “finetuning” the mix, which he says is “nice and deep,” and will be coming relatively soon. Bassnectar first tweeted about the mixtape, along with a new album and recorded live set releases, last month. Find more information about all this in his surprise Facebook AMA from last week.